Photo Album

Ultimate Brain

'CrimeWatch' - BBC

visual for 'The Great Sewing Bee' location dressing

First design for "Chute!"

'Lab Rats' /Blast Lab

'Watchdog' - bbc

Manoto+ pitch

The Song Machine - this was constructed for Cbeebies

The Cbeebies Song Machine

The Slammer - first drawing

CBBC links presentation set proposal

Sam & Mark's Friday Night Wind-Up Ball Fall game 2016

Sam & Mark's Friday Wind-Up : Karasoake game 2016

Concept visual for a puuppet series with characters living in a tree house for TwoSides Tv.

Inside the main tree trunk of the tree house set.

One of the interiors for the Tree house puppet series concept - unrealised.

The Tree House concept illustrating how 'outside' might have been achieved in a studio set up.

My visual for BBC's 'English Express' (Producer: Julie Callanan Puppeteer: Francis Wright) - This did get produced in a small studio at Ealing Studios!

Another TwoSides Tv pitch that didn't get anywhere ! - god, I did so many !

Just a charcoal drawing of Soho Square - done as a student - but, hey, why not show it !

Space ship interior - can't quite remember what this pitch was for!

Children's Gameshow visual

'Blue Peter' children's show

Pitch visuals for various projects - some successfully realised, some not !