Don’t Unleash the Beast

A new children's game show for CITV. Produced by CPL's Executive producers Julie Kelling and Emma Hyman this immersive set includes multiple physical and mental challenges for a team of 3 10-12 year olds. I designed a complete cave complex in the 'kingdom of Halian' on multiple levels at Manchester Arena and this was set up and filmed throughout August 2020 in the midst of the COVID crisis. Fantastic build quality by Nic Wareham's team at Take One Scenic this occupied six sculptors for two months creating fabulous rock chambers and tunnels. 

Main logo design by Ian Carley

The Professor’s base from where the team enter the cave complex

Steps down within the cave system

The closing treasure hunt and Muddy Slide !

A smaller game chamber

The tangly wood chamber

A climbing challenge in zone 1

The Symian tree chamber - preparation for a bungee challenge

Some of the lovely rock sculpting

A graphics challenge game chamber

A mental challenge to place cogs and open the door