Set in the post war late 50's and early '60's. This film offered the opportunity to research and build sets in a Vienna studio together with locations in the uk.

Production designed by Jan Spoczynski and written and directed by Fritz Urschitz with Art Direction by myself, this tells the story of the family break away and coming of age of young Rosemarie (Natalie Press)

The Dance Hall

...shall we go again?

Aged down former scout hut used as ext. for "Friedrich's House" with scenic lapboard, porch and chimney stack (AD)

Model for Friedrich's house indicating the dummy nature of the scenery at the right hand end.

Friedrich's house bedroom (AD)

Friedrich's Kitchen range (AD)

'Boarding house hallway' - repainted and aged down location (AD)

The Boarding House facilities (AD)

Boarding house room (AD)

1960's hospital ward, painted and dressed (AD)

1960's 'new' council flat - all set build (AD)

'Secretarial school' - New Malden library redressed! (AD)

Maggie's tenement style flat (AD)

Empty shop in Folkestone converted to a traditional tailor's (AD)