Watch : Famous People with Magic Grandad

BBC Children's Education series of 1994 about famous people in history saw Grandad (Geoffrey Bayldon) transport his grandchildren back in time to meet Samuel Pepys,Louis Braille,Florence Nightingale and Elizabeth 1.

Historical sets provide the backdrop for the characters.Designed by myself and Produced by Ron Smedley for Spelthorne Productions.Written by Margaret Simpson.

Samuel Pepys' garden - The fire of london flame effects were overlayed on to the black background in post production.- see YouTube link below

Interior Samuel Pepys study (designer)

The hospital at Scutari before Florence Nightingale's influence.

Florence Nightingale's hospital at Scutari - after she had tidied up!

Louis Braille's classroom - spot that actor from 'The Onedin Line'!

Interior The Tower of London stairwell to Elizabeth's cell - see YouTube link below

Elizabeth 1 in her rather sumptious cell in The Tower of London

A small Edwardian terrace house - the set space was made a bit larger than reality for studio cameras. - see YouTube clip below

The actors in the kitchen preparing for bath!

Model of the Edwardian terraced house kitchen. In reality of course this room would have been divided in two and be more cramped.

The Elizabeth 1st Episode

The Samuel Pepys Episode

The Great Fire of London

Edwardian Bathtime episode

Getting the right practical gas lamp was fun!