Cbbc's successful 'Bungalow' series, produced by Steve Ryde and designed by myself was awarded a suprise BAFTA for it's custard throwing antics. Set cleaning and carpet renewal each week was no small expense!

The first sketch for the lads Bungalow

The famous living room - in it's tidy state!

The Kitchenette - which later had a ceiling hatch up to the Loft set

The scale model of the living room set

Diddy Dick and Diddy Dom in their puppet cupboard.

Dick and Dom's Bungalow basement - note the bed of rubber nails!

The original model of the basement

Out to the garden - real turf laid every week!

The garden

The overall set group composite model.The upstage,raised white platform supported the attic set (not shown) and the garden replaced the Basement in the final series.The foreground 'box' was for the follow spot operator and below the children's parents in a viewing booth.

The 'Back Room' - used for prize awarding and other games

The left hand side of The Basement with Tim Bailey's nicely made boiler stove