The Bafta award winning Slammer returns for a fifth series autumn 2013.Produced once more by Steve Ryde and directed by Jeanette Goulbourn and John Payne, we start again with an even larger set, freshly built by EC creative in Oldham and installed to BBC Mediacity studio 2.Recorded during summer 2013 - the christmas show was on the hottest day of the year!

The new set takes it upwards to a third level!

Andy Stagles and Mark Ninnim provided some wonderful Led and moving light effects for the Showtime scenes.

The studio build in Manchester Mediacity HQ2

A super wide shot to show the high trapeze artist.

The 1:50 model

....and also in green!

Andy Stagles' wonderful lighting!

The Slammer set assembly timelapse!

oh....and here's me at the recent ArtAngel exhibition in the real thing at Reading Jail 2016