Directed by Bill Hays and design by Geoff Powell, this famous Simon Gray play was filmed across a six week period in an abandoned country house near Evesham.I was Art director and spent many hours holed up in the 'Staff Common room' that we had entirely fitted out and repainted in dirgy fifties colours.

Needless to say Continuity was a major focus for my attention since the drama played out over about 2 years including seasonal changes.Hard going- but it was fun working alongside John Geigud, Edward Fox,Clive Francis,Eleanor Bron,Paul Jesson!

The language school exterior with our polystyrene gateposts!

The Staff room - including magnificent hired Fireplace mantle and old grained brown woodwork all round!Edward Fox and Peter Jeffrey.

The school hall - we laid traditional brown linoleum throughout - wonderful smell!

The staff lockers we made up.