Executive Producer Catherine Robbins of TwoSidesTV asked me to design a competitive kids game show centred around Captain Zeelig and her dark adversary, Colonel South and his puppet sidekick, Cyber Rat (Francis Wright)

This was set in the former warehouse studios HDS at Hayes, West london with a sizeable scaff rig various chutes and runs for kids to go through. It was commissioned by HTV in wales but didn't really take off unfortunately!

The Teams question area

The team chutes and slides in the background of the encluded audience.

The dramatic Launch chutes for the team participants!

One of the Team's rocket game rides emerges from the side doors.
Each rocket contained an individual game console that was reproduced on the video wall for the audience to see their progress.

The central Quiz area

Captain Zeelig's (Sarah Lee Jones) space ship interior - pre recorded sets done in a small central London studio. Kado (Razaaq Adoti) at the controls

Colonel South (James Coombes) and Cyber Rat's spaceship

The kids emerge from the chutes!

The team game rockets emerge

Original sketch of main game area

reverse sketch showing team entrance and pipes