The Song Catcher was a BBC education programme designed by me for producer Andrea Christodoulou. Directed by Brian Jameson,the show's magical carpet bag carried by our musical songstress contained two small characters,Daisy and Pip, (a la The Borrowers) and every now and then she would peer in to see them.

This set was entirely artist painted canvas stitched together and pulled taut to a framework, carefully built to support it.The budget didn't quite stretch to enough bag contents but it did have some nicely illuminated stitched pockets!

Have a look at the YouTube link below to see how it was all put together!

The giant carpet bag interior - a real carpet bag was made for the exterior filming with matching fabric.

This gives an overview of the scale in our studio

Using the comb to escape the bag

The budget for giant props was a bit minimal!

Apart from the 'comb' ladder that I had made, some of the other props were sourced from the feature film 'The Borrowers" !

The Song Catcher

The set construction drawing