Ultimate Brain!

This exciting CBBC children's show, broadcast July 2014, was commissioned through ZigZag productions and recorded at Cardiff's Enfys studio.Produced by Steve Ryde and built locally by GetSet scenery, it was a satisfying development of a Japanese franchise. I was able to expand on the original set and went for the 'chopstick' look!

Multiple 'chopstick' lighting options gave this set an exciting range of colour options

Like this!....

...and this!

...and this!

The contestants discuss the large ramp challenge.

A brief section of the intro showing the illuminated variations of the 'chopsticks'

Ultimate Brain Fly-Through.

Working with Andy Stagles (LD) on the concept, Andy was able to put together this lovely fly-thru to help sell the design concept early on!

Teams screen grab

A crazy ball catch challenge