The CBBC links set in Studio TC9 TvCentre

Dick & Dom pre - Bungalow show - note that this is shot very early morning so it's dark outside!

CBBC Presentation

Essentially the linking segments of broadcast presentation between programmes,these sets are often in use every day of the year for a few moments at a time.When CBBC launched as it's own standalone channel in 2002 I was commissioned by editor Gary August to design a few variations of these for a couple of years.

This sort of studio warehouse feel was built in BBC TV centre studio TC2 and shared space with Exchange (designed by my colleague Jane Cecchi)

I incorporated a working 'sushi' bar in to the set for special objects to travel in to the set.

The fan turned continuously on a very slow rev motor in this set built for studio TC9 presentation at BBC Tv Centre.

A sort of presenter perch bench mosaic wall

A spacially tricky corridor area next to the gallery

Newsround - The version I designed back in 1989!