The Kenny Everett Television Show

For this popular sketch show I worked as art director to designer Richard McManan-Smith on series 3 in 1984.In show 4 we produced a wild west set for a cowboy fight sequence, complete with desert perspective, real horse, stuntman through sugar glass window etc.Directed John Bishop.Produced by Bill Wilson.

Poor photos but it worked really well and we used to use stock scenery from the BBC warehouse in those days!

This old western cowboy sketch required a desert street and bar (AD)Kenny is primed for a take on camera left.

The atmospheric bar room interior. Cleo Rocos with the feather boa.

The Saloon set drawing

dressing the set

The street outside The Saloon bar

The exterior of The Saloon bar with sugar glass window ready for stunt.

A short clip of the Saloon....

Nice atmosphere in the saloon...

Kenny about to tip up the seated cowboy.

A colour picture of the background street set