The Furchester Hotel

2014/16 CBeebies / Sesame Street puppet show. Art Direction on the set build, design by my colleague Jane Cecchi at Red Rhino Ltd,this set was pulled together over a hectic four month period to February 2014. Involving three set builders, EC Creative,Take One and Totom we managed to pull off a major build for this 52 episode series filmed at BBC Mediacity over a 3 month period.

Reception - Funella,Phoebe,Elmo, Furgus and Isabel

The main foyer with practical revolving door.This picture indicates the post production overlay of floor for the wide shot.

A view to the dining room

The lobby entrance with revolving door

The principle lobby elevation drawing - the pencil didn't stop!

Hello! Promo photo for the Hotel 'owners'.

The reception desk with view to dining room (Floor inserted post production)

An early visual I did for the pitch with Jane - a number of elements can be seen in the end result.

My wife Lucy did the foyer painting - lovely chickens too!

Nice split level view of the staircase and lobby showing without graphic floor overlay .2 nice portraits by my wife Lucy!

Staircase detail. The carpeted area lifts out for puppeteers to walk up on an out-of-shot lower staircase

View from the foyer to the garden

Out in the garden