Megamaths : series 2 & 3

I was asked to take over designer responsibility on this BBC Education show for two series in 1997 & 1998. It's aim was about improving the learning of early years Maths in a funny and entertaining way.

Originally designed in a castle courtyard setting in 1996 by Sean Moore (RTS Award), this large set was reinstalled and added to by myself in both Television Centre and then BBC Elstree studios.

Apart from all the additional purpose made prop designs, that my colleague Jane Cecchi helped design, I created a 'Beauticians parlour' and a 'Laundry' in mock mediaeval style to fit the continuing theme.

This was a particularly busy and demanding show, produced by Andrea Christadoulou (1997) & Elaine Mullings (1998) - but quite fun!

The Beauty Parlour set

Simon Davies as King of Diamonds, Jan Goodman as Jackie of Spades and various actors in the Beauty Parlour

The 'Ace Laundry'

An overview of the original courtyard design (Sean Moore) - the space where 'Maths Activities' would take place

The Quartermasters store - redressed for various themes of course!

Megamaths decorating sequence

Not much to say really - a sequence about measuring up for wallpaper patterns. It involved us printing up lots of our own paper!

This episode has the Beauticians set

All about Money