Come Outside : Series 1,2 & 3

Producer Ron Smedley of Spelthorne Productions initiated this BBC education series in 1993 with Aunty Mabel (Lynda Barron) and Pippin the dog. I was asked to build studio sets at Capital studios for Aunty's cottage interiors and also decorate her aeroplane to make it fun. We decided on spots for the fuselage (I since maintain Damien Hirst borrowed that idea for his famous spot artwork!)

I had a super Pippin puppet stand in made by Brian Moore for the flying sequences!and pilot John somebody had to wear a wig and dress to look like Aunty Mabel!

The following two series were taken on by producer Liz Bennett's Tricorn Productions and we turned to using a soon to be demolished, location bungalow at Harefield, rather than studio interior sets.

Aunty Mabel's plane (owned by the BBC flying Club would you believe!) with pilot John in female dress! Series 3 we used a different plane

Aunty Mabel's living room for series 1. subsequent series we used a different location bungalow not the initial one at Denham airfield.

The larger studio based kitchen set of series 1

The Spiders episode

Note: This was using a studio interior complete with bathroom and sure enough the studio floor got flooded.See also the rather obvious puppet dog,with rotating head, in the flight sequence!