Sam & Mark's Friday night Wind Up : Series 6,7 & 8

Taking on someone else's set is often a tricky one, but in year 2016, I was asked to design a couple of large studio games to slot in to the existing series set,originally created by Richard Drew, and supervise the install of the whole.

'Karasoake' and 'BallFall' were the first two games, and once again I used EC Creative to build for me.

New additional game "Hang On!" for 2017/8 and an upgrade to BallFall "Turbo !" followed by the 2018/19 season inspiring two new games : "Slippery Slope" and "Balloon Pop" , both great fun for our challenged families!

"Slippery Slope" it's lowest and easiest level! (2019 season 8)

"Balloon Pop" the moment before impact and that gungey mess !! (2019)

Hang On! New game for 2018 broadcast series 7- actually, when you're up there, it feels quite a drop!

....prepare for rehearsal!

Let's get buried !!! over 30,000 playballs were required

Crazy BallFall Turbo - closing scene - a revised ball drop method with individual hoppers redesigned this time.

Rehearsing for 'Karasoake' - the other trucked in game

The overall set up during preparation showing the BallFall game in context.