Saturday Mash Up ! Season 1,2,3 and 4 to Sept 2021

Produced by Jamie Wilson and designed by myself, this multi series live show brought back the excitement of live Saturday morning children's shows. Launched September 30th 2017  and ongoing ever since !

Season 2 saw an extended run to 16 weeks, with new sofa coverings and two new Gunging games! and Season 3 launched Feb. 2020 with new presenters Joe Tasker, Harpz Kaur & Stanley!

Season 4 saw the launch of a new and updated set in late Aug. 2021

Exec. producer Ian France (series 1 & 2) and series Editor Steve Ryde (series 3 & 4)

45 years of Saturday morning TV.....

Brand new double height set for Sept. 2021

New game for November 2021

New presenters for series 3 & 4, Joe Tasker and Harpz Kaur and the new Strawberry sofa for 2021...mmmmm...nice

Presenters with Steve Backshall, Amelia Gething and boy band "Yes Lad" - show 1

A panorama of the main stage series 1 (designer)

Another nice panorama - that kind of bulges it but you get the idea!

2018/19 - new leopard spot sofas.

Stanley - Series 3 new arrival !

Enlarged performance area for series 3 with new game 'Bin it to Win it'

The Toilets Gunge quiz for 2018/19

"Question Slime!" - also for 2018/19

Stars Hacker,Jonny Nelson & Yasmin Evans (series 1 & 2)

"Yes Lad" perform in our tight series 1 performance area - doubles up as the Gunging area too!

....had to redecorate outside the studio for games too!

oh....and here's me with the star of the show...Hacker T Dog !

....and here's the scale model (when it was going to be called Live & Dangerous!)