Teach: BBC Bitesize

September 2020 saw me returning to a bit of set designing for BBC education (after over 20 years!). BBC Bitesize online learning for Primary KS1 & 2 required a little outdoor set up and small studio set at Manchester Studios' small garden studio right in the heart of St. John's Manchester.

Producers Rebekka Campbell, Sophie McCoy, Simon Reed and Jo English put together a term's worth of live and prerecorded lessons in the new sets

Here's a link to the outdoor one!


Morning rehearsal

An online screengrab With DJ Katie Thistleton, Mr Smith and of course.....Hacker!

One of the two learning zones

The Teacher's Touch screen

Exterior sketch outside 'Breeze' studio

Studio preliminary sketch

Presenters Rhys Stephenson and Mr Smith

The presentation table area

Presenters Chris Johnson & Mrs Vee