Way Upstream

Alan Ayckbourn's well known stage play transposed to a BBC Tv film set on the Upper reaches of the River Thames.

Shot near Farringford and Oxford with boat interiors set up in a warehouse in Oxford this tells of a disasterous river trip 'holiday' undertaken by Keith (Barry Rutter) June (Marion Bailey) Alistair (Nick Dunning) and Emma (Joanne Pierce).Vince (Stuart Wilson) is the dangerous sociopath who takes over....

Directed by theatre director,Terry Johnson, the production design was Geoff Powell and Art direction by myself.

"Hadforth Bounty" cabin cruiser nears our man made island in the Thames (AD)

The boat set placed on scaffolding platform on the Isis river at Oxford (AD)

"Armageddon Bridge" - blacked out behind and river filled with junk - construction crew did well (AD)

Derelict boat 'Sweet Dreams' dressed to shot (AD)