Mighty Truck of Stuff

This was a show for Initial that had been devised by performer Joe Mace (ex The Saturday Show) and after an early pilot episode it was decided to approach Red Rhino to resolve the studio design in to something workable.First on air in 2005.

Lead time was exceptionally short and various elements (like the van and tyres) had been started already, so it fell to me to try to bring this together in a fun 'Warehouse' style. Presented by Reggie Yates and Dani Hammer this ran successfully for two series out of both Capital and Hammersmith studios.

It was a fun show but a little bit underfunded on warehouse 'stock' with a lot of effort trying to make crates look full! Set put together for me by Hugo Slight at Totom Construction in double quick time!

MToS as seen in the rather compact confines of Capital studios, Wandsworth!

The 'Mighty' Truck - adapted at a workshop in Woking - this had gull wing doors and elaborate pipeage.

A small section of the standing in vision audience rostra and warehouse shelving

The workers Office that was added for series two at Riverside studios